About Our Nursery

The Nursery is open Monday to Friday during term time, from 9:00am to 12:00pm. We take children from 2 years to 5 years. Younger children attend on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; older children come in for five mornings during the school year before they go to primary school.

The Nursery is in St. Peter’s Church Hall, situated by the River Thames. Some days the Nursery is set in the large hall, and some days it is set in the small hall. There is good off-street parking for safe delivery and collection of children. The nursery has a well-resourced and well-kept garden, and a wide range of play equipment and toys.

During the course of the year the children learn about the seasons, changes in nature, and our surroundings, and themes which introduce many varied aspects of the wider world.

To promote healthy eating the children are served fresh fruit daily, with a choice of milk or water to drink. Because physical exercise is also very important, the children also have time to run and play freely.

On Fridays we bake – recently we have made bread, cake, buns, pizza, pastries, and biscuits. On Wednesdays the children are taught dance by Jessica Edgar, Principal of Shepperton Stars.

Twice a year, the children perform a musical show with singing and dancing, on the stage in the large hall. These shows are well received and very much enjoyed by children and parents alike; the rehearsals and performance give the children great confidence.

During the year, the children visit a farm and other rural locations. The older children visit the library in Staines to nurture the love of books and are taken on other interesting outings during their final year. All of these activities help to give the children an enriching experience which remains with them.